Web design and development, seo, web marketing
Web design and development, seo, web marketing
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Tons of high ranked websites LOST their PageRank after Google's latest update!

One day you wake up and you feel so happy that finally after so much effort, hundreds of tough working hours, your website is highly ranked by world’s no.1 search engine. Yes Google!

You open your computer, you visit your website, as usual, and you realize that your PareRank SUDDENLY decreased by 1 or 2 in within one night!! And then you think.... dAMN Google!!! well..... that’s life!


What do we do now? Well, the obvious: try to find the cause of the problem! Maybe, you got a “so wanted” PageRank of 5 or 6, because you used to have thousands or even millions of backlinks spreaded all over the universe! Hmmm... it doesn’t seem to work like this now guys... it looks like those thousands or million of backlinks doesn’t count for Google!

What you have to do is try to REMOVE as soon as possible, and i mean that, all the BAD links that comes from low-quality, or low-PR websites because they are giving NEGATIVE credits to your website! As you should already know, for Google it’s “quality” that matters more than quantity!


So, if you want to gain google’s respect again, try to keep good quality links to your website by high value websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.... You will realize how hard and how easy at the same time is to gain again Google’s respect and PR credits!

Trust me, it is not easy at all, but once you will manage to have ONLY good quality links to your website, you will gain your high value again and...this time it will stay there! So, start from today, trying to find high PR websites, blogs, forums or directories and try to gain at least one “dofollow” link back to your website. In web you can find many non-paid or paid solutions for this... just do a little research with the terms: “dofollow blogs”, “dofollow backlinks”, “dofollow high pr links”


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